What clients are saying...

"I'm not usually the alternative therapy type; but sound attunement therapy certainly is the most relaxing experience that I have had, and one that sets me up for the week ahead feeling more balanced and in tune with myself and those around me."
-- Christopher B., South Africa

"During my attunement I was impressed that there was nothing I needed to do in order to benefit from the vibrations. I couldn't do something wrong or right to affect my experience.

"I was a little surprised to have had some discomfort in areas which had bothered me prior to the tuning while Colette was working with other chakras of my body. These are areas in my chest and neck where I had been experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety. Then I felt simply normal, peaceful and relaxed, slightly energized, and thankful.

"One of the coolest things was the suggestion Colette made that I could prolong the effects of the tuning by imagining myself back in the same place and moment as how I felt, completing the tuning. I've found that a helpful and meditative imagery.

"I was receiving cancer treatment 2 years ago, and am still suffering with issues of disorganization, unbalance and emotions. After tuning I'm noticing moments of feeling normalized, more confidence in my decisions, ability to listen and maintain calm when dealing with loved ones on important life changing issues. Most usefully, these improvements are foundational to continue building a strong personal "me" foundation, for a solid life."
-- Karen F., Rochester , N.Y.

“My first treatment was very relaxing. The sensations of the tuning forks on the body and in the energy was new to me and different from other hands-on type modalities. I forgot to talk about the constant pain in my hip, knowing it is a deep chiropractic adjustment. I also wrongly assumed that I would need intensive massage and painful work to sort it out. So I was very pleasantly surprised when I realised, hey, my pain is gone!

“My second session was even more relaxing. I think that as you begin to vibrate in resonance, you feel so much more of the treatment. As the gunk clears, the awareness grows. My hip has been consistently better. The problem is not totally gone, but it does not seem to hurt as badly or for as long when it is out of balance now. And that is with just 2 sessions!

“The next time Colette graces our neck of the woods I will be on the booking list!”
-- Michelle H., South Africa

“During my first tuning, I felt old emotions and pain being released through the vibrations of the tuning forks, as if a mother-figure was ushering all the old stuff into the air, pushing it out and away from me.

“My right knee had been injured from running - I felt a sensation as if whatever was causing the injury was breaking up and being removed.”
-- Joanna G., Rochester , N.Y.