About Tuning & Sound Attunment

What is Sound Attunement?

Sound Attunement is a vibrational healing modality using a selected group of tuning forks to accelerate healing and restore balance to the physical body and its corresponding energy fields.

Sound Attunement is based on the physics of vibration, resonance and dissonance.

The vibrations of the tuning forks as they are passed over and around the body become carrier waves— specific sounds—that attract accumulated, disruptive energy patterns stored in the body.

After collecting these non-resonant, disruptive vibrations, the tuning forks are used to pull the old energy away from the body, where it is released and depolarized by stopping the vibration of the fork.

The energy centers, meridians, and chakras are then cleared, balanced and revitalized.

What to expect
During a session, the client lies fully clothed on a massage table, with shoes removed, while tuning forks are passed over and held to certain points on the body. The session includes hands-on healing and concludes with a brief grounding.

After a session, most people feel more harmonious and experience a sense of energetic cleanliness and clarity. Many feel a sense of coming home to themselves as they truly are. The body will give you a big “Thank You” for helping it along the road to well being.

Colette offers a level III sound attunement, which takes about an hour.

Why sound attunement?
Throughout our lives, we accumulate energetic baggage that blocks our energy and keeps it from flowing freely. Changes in Earth’s energy also contribute to this feeling of discord as we adapt to them.

Through the use of tuning forks, we can experience these adjustments more easily and smoothly.

Disruptive vibratory patterns are broken up and cleared away, leaving our energy fields refreshed, cleaned and restored to optimal frequencies.